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live from the brook, indiana public library

it's hot. more than that, it's windy, directly from the west. and even on non-sundays, the services in these little towns are few and far between. (as are the towns. and they're all, like, population 432 or something. the big town near today's route, an 8-mile-roundtrip detour, was 12,000 people.) I just stopped and asked a random guy in his yard for water because the last available stop for fluids/food was probably 25 miles ago, and I didn't buy an extra bottle of liquid there. (lesson learned.) i did, however, buy a can of sweet potato chunks, which will hopefully form the core of sweet potato/peanut stew for dinner, with rice or something.

i'm staying in the city park in iroquois, IN tonight, about 12 miles away, but it's 5pm and won't get dark for a while, so I'm not rushing. maybe the winds will die down.
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