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fletcher's lake, 2


the land's still flat, though i went through a state park (salamonie river) today that was hilly and had very dense deciduous forest. the noise of the rain there was great. the latter half of the day had more rolling hills. the noise of the rain out on those farm roads is different than in the city. in a city, the noise of biking in a rainstorm is the whooooooshssshhhhh of cars going past. with no cars, if the rain is loud enough all you can hear is raindrops and maybe one set of bicycle tires.

in addition to the usual fields of corn and wheat, today i saw some cows, a few horses, some yellow ponies with white manes and tails, some very large pigs, and sheep. the usual agricultural menagerie, i guess.

the wild birds here are mostly starlings, redwinged blackbirds, and a little bird we don't have in new england. it's the size of a small dove, brownish with a white ring around the neck, and tapered, pointy wings with white trailing edges. when it flies away you can see light brownish-orange in its tailfeathers. it walks a lot. anyone know what it is?

sleep soon. i hear bullfrogs in the pond, raindrops, and not much else.
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