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monroeville, indiana, june 11, evening

i'm currently sitting in air-conditioned bliss in the community center of monroeville. the town parks committee here maintains a "cyclists' room" by donations from travelers. it has hot showers, laundry, vcr/tv, indoor bike parking, and cots for sleeping on--- all for free/donation. there's also a book exchange, parts bin, and map box. it's great. the guestbook here has collected 800-odd names since 1990, but the shelter has been running since 1978.

i had thought i was going to do another 30 miles today, but if i had i'd have been primitive-camping again. (i have kerosene now, though, so hot food has become an option again without fear of being without fuel.) the hospitality from the local who answered the door was so overwhelming, i just couldn't pass it up, so i took a short (50-mile) day. as long as i do 68-plus-mile days every day for the next week, i'll make it to my waypoint on june 21 at the MN-WI border. challenging, but doable.

there's a class of 1955 high school reunion afterparty here tonight, and the graduation party that was here will be clearing out soon, leaving me space to set up a cot and sleep. i met dave and becca from eugene, oregon, college professors who are traveling to toledo. their relatives drove down with a picnic, and they fed me too--- shrimp cocktail, bread with savory olive oil, pasta salad, chips, salsa, beer. the graduation party has also plied me with food, and the '55ers as well. i am being well fed.

campgrounds out here are somewhat sparser, offering me the choice of long (90-mile) days, too-short days, or 5-mile-offroute detours. this means i have to be strategic in my distance plans, and that tomorrow will probably be a long day.

i finished off map number 9 today and started number 8. i crossed the indiana line, but i didn't realize until 2 miles down the road that i'd passed the only available sign to get a photo of. after leaving the library in Paulding, OH earlier today, i rode through a small summer storm, which was refreshingly wet and short. it didn't get much above about 85, but the winds from the southwest--- the direction i was traveling--- were brutal.

today is day 17. i've traveled 1070 miles.
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