powered by nightshades (srl) wrote in trans_usa_biker,
powered by nightshades

june 14, early afternoon

i'm writing this under a shade tree in the yard of the shortsleeve family, right near the intersection of my path and illinois state highway 1. when i sat down here, it was at the bidding of the residents, who were going out but encouraged me to use their water hose and shade tree. just as i sat down, the winds picked up even more, and i decided to nap a bit. i'm hoping the chill in the wind goes away with the light gray clouds passing over.

the weather is beautiful, though; puffy clouds marching across the sky with winds strong enough to be awe-inspiring. with luck, the winds will die down soon enough for me to get where i'm going today. i won't get to odell, illinois in time for the post office today, but i can be there when it opens tomorrow.
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