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fletcher's lake, indiana, june 12, dark, part 1

2 more dog incidents after that last post. one, with 2 yipyips, i raced past. another, with a smallish rottweiler, i slowed, dismounted with the bike between me and the dog, and walked slowly past. seemed to work okay.

i kicked ass today. i rode 102 miles in just under 8.5 hours--- averaging 12mph. that's both the longest and the fastest i've done so far on this tour. the weather helped--- drizzly, but not so cold that i needed to wear raingear and get all sweaty under it. the rain was heavy at times, but that wasn't a big deal, because it was summery rain. no thunder or lightning either, and no wind perceptible enough to matter.

my speed was augmented by the realization that, it being sunday, nowhere was going to be open anyway for me to eat or buy stuff. the diner in lagro, indiana was closing for the day at 3, but i got chocolate cream pie there at 2:30. the convenience store up the block sold me trail mix and a can of red beans. i ended up being happy i got the beans, because the grocery store in denver, the next big town, was closed on sundays. (the quickie-mart there sold me a hot dog and a machine-made coffee drink, which was exactly what i needed at mile 80 of a century. the woman at the counter of this place, which was a convenience-store/tanning-parlor/video-rental all in one gave me very strange looks when i told her i'd ridden from the other side of fort wayne today.)

fletcher's lake is a little community-- not even a town-- with a church and a bunch of houses around a body of water smaller than spy pond in arlington. the campground is a bunch of rv trailers--- only one or two of which seem to have people in them tonight--- and a little grassy area with picnic tables. the owner didn't get home for a while, and so i met lona, this thin, older woman with a british accent who lives one house over. the dogs started barking, and she came out to tell me about camping.

after i'd made my dinner--- red beans and rice, hot cocoa--- i went over to ask lona about payphones, because i have no cell reception here and needed to make a safe call. she let me use her phone, and we ended up talking. her husband of 30 years had died about 6 months ago-- very sudden cancer--- and she explained that although she was sad to lose him, "god is my husband now" and that it was very satisfying. her cats and little dog seemed to entertain her too. she gets up at 4am to work a 4-day, 10-hour factory job. she said if i needed anything during the night not to hesitate to wake her up. she leaves her door open overnight so the cats can come and go, despite the protests of her neighbors for her perceived safety. we're miles from nowhere; i really can't see that anyone's going to mess with her.

(continued in next entry)
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