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june 23, later afternoon

when i arrived at this campground, the woman who took my money said, "oh, my husband will definitely want to meet you." while i was writing the last entry, this tall, muscular but not big, bearded guy drives by to introduce himself. jerry's the guy who gave me the pizza, a digiorno stuffed crust that was much too big for me at once but is now in the refrigerator at the camp office for a later snack. while i was waiting for it to bake, he gave me as many drinks out of the cooler as i could drink--- four bottles comped out of the stuff he usually sells to campers. he also said that he'd refund some of the fee i paid, that if he'd been at the desk he wouldn't have charged me at all.

to top it off, he just drove by in his truck with a newly-split stack of dry firewood and kindling; we unloaded it, and he stacked the fire ring, pulling out a propane torch to start the whole thing. "there, that ought to burn like hell," he said. the fire ring is an old wheel from a truck, stacked full of soft and hard wood, and there's another stack of wood beside it to add as the fire burns down. all free, from a guy who just really likes bike travelers. he must not see many of us, or his finances would be in the red from generosity. maybe later i'll go up to the office to get some marshmallows.

the local crows seem to have discovered my bag of cinnamon buns while i was lying in the grass swatting ants and reading the new yorker. the food's now safely secured from prying (and intelligent) corvidae. every so often a red-winged blackbird hops over and whistles, ten feet or so away--- usually using my handlebars or saddle as a perch.

this morning while i was doing my yoga, a bright orange and black bird with orange tail stripes landed on my bike's rack, but i was already moving through my sun salutation, and the bird startled and flew.
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