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wyoming, iowa, 5pm, june 18

i got a late start this morning due to phone calls home, and i've been taking a leisurely time of it anyway because i have plenty of camping options. emotionally the day's been very rocky for reasons i won't go into here.

the day was redeemed by a visit to sybil's general store in massillon, one of these little communities that's just a cluster of houses. a local told me about it last night, or i never would have known to stop. it's a little converted garage, painted jewel blue inside, with skylights and original warm wood trim. the shelves are full of bulk food, stuff i'd get at the local co-op back home. it was wonderful.

i bought a bunch of stuff, and the shopkeeper was willing to ship half of it to a future mail stop for me. i kept with me some instant rice, dried papaya and pineapple ($1ish a pound, cheap), rooibos-lavender tea, and best of all a bottle of sorghum syrup. i haven't had the stuff since i was a kid, and it's a fond childhood memory. (too bad the small glass jar weighs so much.) i shipped along some couscous, more dried fruit, and some green-apple twizzler-style candy. the shopkeeper gave me one of their cards and said to call them if i needed another shipment somewhere along the road. we chatted as i drank a bottle of excellent root beer and looked around the store. they also sell herbal odds and ends--- the entire frontier product line, it seems--- and oddities like music box cylinders and phonograph needles. they use an old mechanical cash register. it was a great little place, and although i probably will sack out early today i've had an enjoyable time with the things i've!

with 4 hours of daylight left, i can ride either 20 miles or 40 miles to a campsite. either is doable, but i may go for the easy option today.
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