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bennett park, bennett, iowa, june 18, morning

i'm sitting at a picnic table in a county park, getting my stuff together for a 15-mile ride to the nearest town with a diner. last night, i pulled into this campground, wheels skidding on the dirt road, to see that a bunch of people were having a campground party-- big bonfire, about 25 people sitting around talking. it was almost dark, so i asked them how to register, and they hooked me up, then told me that when i got my tent pitched i should come back for a beer. they were having a potluck, and i got fed too--- fried fish, smoked fish, taco salad, chicken fingers, cookies. good stuff, good conversation.

yesterday was an 83-mile day, which i didn't really intend, but by the time i got to muscatine, where i crossed the mississippi, i knew that the nearest place to camp was here. as i rode 3 miles off-route to this campground, it was near dark, the moon was more than half full, and the cornfields were full of fireflies. hills are once again a regular part of my riding routine. sometimes they're short, steep rolling ones, but more often they're long, flat, gradual things.

nature watch: nothing much new. corn. lots of corn. a few cows. the weather forecast is for winds from the east, 10-15mph--- just as i've started to head north for a while. the locals inform me that if i were a month later, there would be no wind, but that the corn and bean fields would be giving off their own humidity. i think i'll take the wind.

my planning worked out perfectly. today and tomorrow will be 60ish-mile days, then i'll get to the meeting place i've established with my sweetie for several days off. there's no rain in the forecast for at least the next 4 days.
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