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june 14, sunset, odell, illinois

i'm in a quonset-hut in a public park in odell, having been let in (and offered a shower at the pool across the park) by a member of the parks committee. odell is on the railroad and on i-55, so it's a larger small town (population 1055).

i am here thanks also to the generosity of a woman probably my mom's age, who, when i was pushing my bike down a state highway at 4pm, offered me a ride. at that point, i still had 40 miles to ride, and i couldn't bring myself to keep pedaling, so i was pushing the 2-3 miles into the next town. after we loaded my bike into her suv/minivan, she gave me a ride that took almost 30 miles out of what would have been an impossible 60-mile day. that saved my day, but now i'm worried about tomorrow. i have to be at the post office when it opens at 9, and that'll cut into my early-morning, nonwindy riding time. the winds die, relatively speaking, after about 6pm, but sitting under a tree being dehydrated by the wind while i wait for evening isn't my ideal.

i'm only planning 45 miles of riding for tomorrow unless the winds get a lot less severe. i averaged 6.8mph over the 32 miles i did ride today. bleh. when riding the last 10 miles, though, i rode between two visibly large columns of rain without getting much more than a light mist. after i went through that, the wind cut back a lot.

less birdsong today; mostly all i heard was the wind in my ears. dinner: spaghetti-Os with meatballs, stretched and enhanced with some basil, oregano, rice, and parmesan cheese.

faygo peach soda is tasty, high-calorie, cheaper than powerade locally, and not so fizzy as to be ungulpable.
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